San Francisco – Day 62


Today we arose and had to hit the road early since we had a ferry to catch. We rode 2.5 miles from our hotel in Vallejo over to the ferry dock. It was another brisk morning on the bay. It was cloudy and misty. Not the ideal situation for such a big day to celebrate but it was the typical day for San Francisco.

We took the ferry over to Sausalito. Then it was a three mile ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. The roads were crowded with tourists riding around town on bikes. Then there were lots of locals out for their usual Sunday ride. When we got to the north side of the bridge we stopped for a bit and took in the moment. In just a short time our journey across the country would be complete.


Usually the pedestrian side and the cycling side of the bridge are on opposite sides. However they were doing construction on one side so they had routed all traffic to one side. This made for a very congested trip across the bridge. There were many people not paying attention and lots of people without the skills to ride a bike in congested areas. We pedaled slowly with great patience as we weaved our way through the congestion. It wasn’t the peaceful trip across I was expecting. It was quite stressful trying to not run into or over someone. But nothing could take away emotionally the experience of accomplishment we felt.


As we came to the edge of the south side of the bridge we were greeted with cheers, streamers, poppers, and noise makers from family and friends! A big thanks to Ed and Faye for making the drive up to celebrate with us! It was such a great moment in time!



After we celebrated on the bridge for a bit we made our way down to the water to dip our tire in the Pacific just as we had dipped our tire in the Atlantic.


Then we enjoyed spraying champagne all over each other just as they do in all the big celebrations and sporting events.


And once that was done we had a celebratory toast in honor of all our accomplishments this summer!


It is still kind of surreal that we have reached San Francisco and our journey across the country is complete. We want to thank each and everyone of you who have followed and supported our efforts the past several months. It has been so humbling and so amazing to see and experience the support that we have received. Thank you!

Even though this summer’s cycling trip is over, the mission continues! Team Wooha doesn’t exist to pull of something this summer and then forget about it. We exist to bring clean water to all those who do not have access to safe water. I hope that everyone will continue to follow what goes on in the world and what other efforts we are making to bring clean water to the people of Ethiopia.

Which leads me to encourage everyone to SUBSCRIBE to our blog. We will not be writing daily so I encourage you to subscribe so that you will receive notification of when new things happen! All you need to do is enter your email in the “subscribe” section to the right.

Once again this summer’s journey has been one to never forget. And we thank you all for the conversations, memories, and support along the way!



9 Responses to San Francisco – Day 62

  1. Woo Hoo, Wooha! Congratulations on an amazing feat and a wonderful adventure.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Congratulations! And thanks for an excellent experience from this end as well. I looked forward to every entry.

  3. Meg says:

    So very proud of you both, and Amy too!! GOD BLESS! Moma Meg

  4. Drew Hoyle says:

    you guys are awesome, I looked forward to every entry along your journey…Your efforts will pay off…I know I’m probably too late but I would totally love to rock a team wooha shirt if you have an extra one laying around…

  5. Terry Digh says:

    Congratulations on the greatest of trips. This was one of your greatest adventures. Be safe have a great time with your family
    and enjoy the time. Whoi knows what is next.

  6. Carla Cozzen says:

    Woo-Ha! Congratulations on this great accomplishment! Thanks for giving us something to look forward to every day. God Bless both of you!

  7. Carla Cozzen says:

    Oh – how could I forget – much congratulations to Amy!!! Logistics had to be tough, as well as putting up with the boys! Whining about Chick-Fil-A . . . 🙂 Great Team.

  8. Mary Jones says:

    Congratulation on your trip. you guys are the greatest.

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