• There are 884 million people worldwide who do not have access to safe water.  That is roughly 1 in 8 of the world’s population.  (WHO/ UNICEF)
  • Roughly 1.4 million children die each year from diarrhea caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.  That is 4,000 child deaths each day or one child every 20 seconds. (WHO/WaterAid)
  • In Ethiopia, alone, there are overn 59 million people who do not have access to safe water and make less than $2 per day.
  • The weight of water women and girls in Africa carry is about 45-50 pounds.  Doing this daily can impair normal development among girls.  (HDR 2006, Fistula Hospital Ethiopia)
  • Roughly 40 billion working hours are spent carrying water each year in Africa (Cosgrove and Rijsberman, 1998)
  • North Americans use approximately 100 gallons of water every day.  The average person in the developing world uses about 2.5 gallons. (HDR- 2006, WSSCC)
  • Of all the renewable water available in Africa each year, only 4% is utilized as most communities lack wells, canals, pumps, reservoirs, and other irrigation systems.
  • In Ethiopia, almost 74,000 children under the age of five die from diarrhea each year.



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