Welcome and thank you for visiting TeamWooha.com.  Today officially launches our campaign to begin fundraising for Water Is Life International.  I know you must have a few questions, so hopefully we will be able to answer a few of them now.  But before we continue, let me encourage you to follow us on Twitter (@teamwooha), visit waterislifeinternational.com, and to subscribe to this blog so you will receive email updates on what Team Wooha is doing. (To subscribe, just submit your email address in the space provided in the column to the right.)  And now…..on to the questions!

What is “Wooha”?
Wooha is the English pronunciation of the Amharic characters that make up the word “water” in Ethiopia.

What is Team Wooha?
Team Wooha is a network of people who have partnered with Water Is Life International (WILI) and are dedicated to using their resources to provide clean drinking water to the people of Ethiopia.  Did you know that 3 out of every 4 Ethiopians do not have access to clean water?  We want to eliminate this shocking statistic.

How is Team Wooha helping?
We will be cycling across the United States, educating and motivating people to partner with WILI in building wells for the nation of Ethiopia.  On May 30, 2011, we will be departing from Nags Head, NC in hopes of reaching the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA on August 01.

How can I help support Team Wooha?
Please visit our Donations page for detailed instructions on how to make a financial contribution.  And if you would like to get in touch with Team Wooha, please email us at teamwooha@gmail.com.

$20 provides clean water for one person for 20 years!  Please consider giving your resources and  join Team Wooha & Water Is Life International in providing clean water for Ethiopia.

Before you go, please watch the video below and search the site to learn how to make a donation, get info about Team Wooha, and read some shocking statistics about the water crisis in Ethiopia.  Thanks again for visiting, and please consider how you will support WILI through our ride.

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